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released October 25, 2013

Lyrics: Stephen Reynolds
Recorded at: Tone Bender Studio
Produced by: Olivier St-pierre

Cover art & design: Stephen Reynolds
Liner artwork: Shannon Pomroy
& Stephen Reynolds
Logo: Mike Molloy



all rights reserved


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MUTANK Montreal, Québec

Listen up, Scumbags! You want loud, in your face, no-nonsense crossover thrash from another planet? MUTANK is here to tell you they don't care what you want! Fast-riffs? Check! Rippin' solos Check! Disestablishmentarianistic poser-bashing revelry? Check yo'self, FOOL! Stop living a fucking lie, stop giving a fuck what people think and prepare for some neck-aerobics. This is MUTANK! ... more

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Track Name: Minions
Try to do it but you can't quite pull it off
You bite the bullet but your teeth broke off
Now talkin' to you is like walkin' around with one shoe
I wait for the other to drop

Integrity faded when your need to be overrated was all that prevailed
You grew out of metal into a pitiful fuckface such a disgrace
Born as a minion you sculpt your opinion just to fit in
Decide to replace me don't coincide with your petty attempt to save face

May be you changed your mind
I do it all the time
But I must ask you

In this pit with broken glass is where I must remain
I need a new beer

Are you lying to yourself?
Or were you then?
I thought we were friends

Sift through shards broken glass do parts of you remain
How can you really change your mind if you don't even have a brain? Huh?

You fear your peers more than you fear death
Drowning in the mainstream
Hold your breath
I end it
For you
For you
For you
Track Name: The Heavy Hand of the Doomsday Clock
the earth is pregnant with molten rock
third trimester and the father's gone
the hand that rules is the hand that rocks
the heavy hand of the doomsday clock

they set the dates some time ago
to calculate where the time did go
logic's path was determined then
beginning, middle and the end

the doctor said that she'd be just fine
hung my head and let out a sigh
he showed some teeth sensing relief
how to express such disbelief

TENSION - address the screaming crowds, sweat streaming from your brow

BUILDING - the highest stakes served on tectonic plates

DESTROYING - no use to prepare, no use to your fear

These are the cards held by the hand of the doomsday clock

massive flooding as the planet quakes
you know what happens when the water breaks

the swelter melting all the derelicts
with ample shelter for the terrorists

holy cohorts and the necrocrats
ancient dogs in military slacks
you payed your tax now you get the axe
but their bunkers couldn't withstand

the smack
Track Name: Corporate Child
we need a bloody-roarin' massacre for children to appeal
hallucinating doctors copping a mutilated feel

driving through the food-court judging all in the way
see their eyes heed not what they say

power plant's my orchid the junk yard's where we play
our brains left out to rot like fruit we don't need 'em anyway

my heart's still beating
but it's pumping clay
and I can't stop laughing

so grab your pitchforks and your torches
we're gonna storm the wall
the MUTANK manifesto written in the bathroom stall

see the children laughing drinking physic as they play
read their eyes heed not what they say

crow eating it's own intestines
the corporate child swallows it's own thick yellow tears

deus ex machina