M​.​E​.​C​.​H Metal


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released February 1, 2014

Stephen "Steve-Out" Reynolds - Basser/Vokills
Steven "Steve-in" Breen - Rhythm Guitarer
Ahmed "On-Meds" Saad - Drummist
Lee Whiskey - Lead Guitarer

Recorded live off the floor @ Tonebender Studios in September 2013
Recorded by Olivier St. Pierre
All music by MUTANK and Mike Molloy
Lyrics by Stephen Reynolds
Cover art by Shannon Pomeroy and Stephen Reynolds
Cover design by Stephen Reynolds
Logo design by Mike Molloy



all rights reserved


MUTANK Montreal, Québec


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Track Name: M.E.C.H Metal
bonebrain snot demolishers
followers swallow your dulce
we spit it onto the floor

we found out you weren't metal
when we beheaded you
with a spoon we don't give a fork

hard fartin' martyrs we
garnish your wages
and tarnish your health without resign

MUTANK is against the law
those caught listening are
sentenced to headbang for all time

eat, fuck, fight, murder, meditate
cultivate phlegm

if you're not into metal then you're
not my friend


we work all day and feel like trash
to percolate some meager cash
to circumvent our need to thrash


steamrollin' all the posers
die as they lived 'cept even slower
wimp rock's dead I need some closure


backflip to our fucking riff attack
or be a wimp and stand out back
Steve Urkle hit the circle pit

and we say

thrash...until...you fucking... CRASH!

wimp rock's dead
you're next
Track Name: MUTANK
hey man, you know the psychographic
mid 20s white metalhead with a thrash twitch
got my brains in the caskett
I'd end it all now but the band would be mad as shit

don't mean to bum you out
but death is the only thing that we can never doubt
which affords us a freedom much maligned
which you can never know cuz you're slave to the grind

I bank therefore I am
gets me thinkin' modern life is a fuckin' scam
venture capitalists
flying to Belize on the back on the back of my monthly fees

I hear what you're sayin'
what was I talking about?
I zoned out, whatever man check this riff out

we came to make you fuck yourself up
who do MUTANK you are?
make it up as we go along
here comes the second part of the song

where I talk about divorcing emotion
heart calcified from the lies of some hoe
she requited my loving gaze
then went around town giving randoms BJs

yeah I learned my lesson
aside from being a scam life's a

the darkest reaches of my mind
where you can get yours
and I can get mine

we came to make you fuck yourself up
who do MUTANK you are?
dose of metal you need

we came to fuck you up
who do MUTANK you are?
we came to fuck you up
Track Name: Minions
Try to do it but you can't quite pull it off
Ya bite the bullet but your teeth broke off
Now talkin' to you is like walkin' around with one shoe
I wait for the other to drop

Integrity faded when your need to be overrated was all that prevailed
You grew out of metal into a pitiful fuckface, such a disgrace
Born as a minion you sculpt your opinion ...JUST TO FIT IN
decide to replace me, don't coincide with your petty attempt to save face

May be you changed your mind
I do it all the time
But I must ask you

In this pit with broken glass is where I must remain
I need a new beer

Are you lying to your self?
Or were you then?
I thought we were friends

Sift through shards broken glass to see if parts of you remain
how can you really change your mind if you don't even have a brain? huh?

You fear your peers more than you fear death
Drowning in the mainstream, hold your breath
I end it
For you
Track Name: W.A.R.
I hate the group-think
or so they say
stare down the booty as they pass by everyday

I think of sex
and how I only get what I take
sit in the bush with my kush and I wait

irate, beleaguered
ready to proliferate my mental state
the general anesthetic
rolled up and phallic

used to call me pathetic
but now who's gonna get it?
I rape the mind and the body
as I call myself "the man"

what is it all?
what you believe?
they never say destiny

"what the fuck?"
I have to shout
spit out the joint so I shove it up her snout

my mind is clouded
the room is shrouded in smoke
no longer hard so I take another toke

why should I be the one to miss out
she won't give in so I give her some clout

it's rad, I'm breaking bad with my goods
bap' the blunt with her cunt
'cuz I could

what do you like on your pizza?
Track Name: Heavy Hand of the Doomsday Clock
The earth is pregnant with molten rock
Third trimester and the fathers gone
The hand that rules is the hand that rocks
The heavy hand of the doomday clock

They set the dates some time ago
To calculate where the time did go
Logics path was determined then
Beginning middle and the end

The doctor said that she'd be just fine
I hung my head and let out a sigh
He showed some teeth sensing relief
How to express such disbelief

Address the screaming crowds, sweat streaming from your brow

The highest stakes served on tectonic plates

No use to prepare no use to your fear

These are the cards held by the hand of the doomsday clock

Massive flooding as the planet quakes
You know what happens when the water breaks

Swelter melting all the derelicts
Ample shelter for the terrorists

Holy cohorts and the necrocrats
Ancient dogs in military slacks
You payed your tax now you get the axe
but their bunkers couldnt withstand
The smack
Track Name: No Spoils, No Mercy
Loot the dead and hack up their breastplates
Throw their coin in the sea
Break their reigns and drown the horses in the whirlpool
Hang the stragglers from the tree

We are Nordmanni
No spoils we take
and to the vanquished
No mercy shown

We are the Vikings
Our gods are old
When I am finished
I'll need a boat

I beckon the wind
Upon this ritual of sacrifice
Dogs, beasts and men
All stand in a line

You, step to the alter
The ogress grins
You feel the breeze

and now as she cleans your throat
Your face to the sky
You watch yourself die
Over and over and over again

Groping for power you killed 12 kings in treachery
Now you lose it all in a fit of pyromanic imbecility
Your favorite vices have bred devices to plague you
Now you call your daughters and your people into the hall

Perish in a surge of malignant fire

Track Name: Corporate Child
we need a bloody-roarin' massacre for children to appeal
hallucinating doctors copping a mutilated feel

driving through the food-court judging all in the way
see their eyes, heed not what they say

power plant's my orchid
the junk yard's where we play
our brains left out to rot like fruit, don't need 'em anyway

my heart's still beating
but it's pumping clay
and I can't stop laughing

so grab your pitchforks and your torches
we're gonna storm the wall
the MUTANK manifesto written in the bathroom stall

see the children laughing drinking physic as they play
read their eyes, heed not what they say

crow eating it's own intestines
the corporate child swallows his own thick yellow tears

deus ex machina
Track Name: Thrashback in Time
metalheads travelling through time
temporal rifts whisk away our dimebag, now I'm mad
we're off to go see whiplash live in their prime
thrashback to 1985

lets go

a smoking crator from where we hit the streets
and now it's time to drink not think

while strolling we get mixed up with some jabronies, all named tony

I'm crushing butterflies, I can never die if I've never been born
so says that robot pony

we swing into dingbats, we clink and drink em back
the shows a blast let's do it again we must go back

we must go back
we must go back

HORSERER! Galloper of moments I summon thee!

this fucking cyborg stallion is always late... the irony

he shows up drunk, finally
it's fine so are we

we need to go back like 2 hours
surely that's within your power
he rears up and interrupts to say

"nah, you know what would be way more funny?"

this is where thrash began
reptilian titans in prehistoric lands

gigantoraptor mosh it up
fast as the dramiciomimus

riding atop diabloceritops
we plot our assault on he who banished us

armed with thrash primordial
stay tuned for the sequel

when we thrashback to the future!